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The Baryan is a production music group consisting of Sergej Pobegajlo and Tali Rezun. Two friends officially joined forces already in 1997 propelled by their love of electronic music, advanced production and classical instruments.

The latest album was produced in the years 2019, 2020 and 2021 and reflects the authors’ production maturity. The hybrid between electronic music and classical instruments resulted in a deep house album including 10 tracks. The album represents the composition of classical house samples while integrating live bass guitar, electric guitar and vocals performed by two singers. The electric guitar solos and bass tracks were recorded live performed by Sergej Pobegajlo and as such unique to the genre. The track arrangements are the work of Tali Rezun and follow the classic house patterns allowing the listener to anticipate the development. While Tali adds the electronic contribution, Sergej supplements it with more classical sound. Both authors compliment the album with their own feel resulting in an interesting work of music. The tracks follow all the basic vocal and deep house characteristics, averaging 110 BPM. The album contains 10 original tracks and 10 instrumentals that can be played as stand-alone tracks.

Studio Location

Slovenia, EU

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